Space Surfers



The description of Space Surfers

–> Run as far as you can .
–> Collect as many coins you can.
–>Login with your google play gamer id_ Unlock the achievements.
–> Swipe down to slide down .
–> Swipe up to jump over the Chain Fences.
–>Double swipe up to jump higher.
–> Swipe left and right to go on left and right track respectively.
–> Pickup items to help you Cover more distance. Enjoy hoverboard ride
–>Get through the Bar Magnet to attaract every single coin towards you.
–>Avoid head on collision with Moving trains.
–>Avoid getting into trains ; it may lead to immediate death .
–>Collect gems While gliding by tilting.
–>Couple of gems can save you from Alien Space Ship & Start running again with slow starting pace .
–>Tilt to glide and collect trail of coins and also life saving gems.
–> Get a Couple of gems by watching a simple rewarded video and get rewarded with 2 Gems.
–> Video can be watched once after every game over.




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