Raft Wars



The description of Raft Wars

Raft wars is the legendary game about two guys, whose ship sank and only thing left is the small boat.

There are many adventures in the blue sea, pirates, angry and hungry birds, knights on the islands and etc.

You have to be smart to rescue from all these dangerous things.

There are three different levels currently. Every level has 3 type of scenario: easy, medium and the hard. You have to play all of them to open the next level. At first, things are going easily, the pirates and knights are not so smart and they cant shoot well. But step by step, their shooting abilities became better and you have to improve as well.

You can get bonus coins shooting to the birds. These coins will help you to get better boat and guns. The better boat and gun you have, the chances to survive improves.

The knights have horses, which have extra life. So, at first, you have to shoot to horses and then to knights, to kill them.

Hope you can survive!




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