Kids Learning Vehicles




Kids Learning Vehicles is a game designed for young kids, including your children, nieces and nephews, or grandchildren, to learn about the different types of vehicles so they can start recognizing them.

The game has two categories: one for learning, and one for quizzing. The first includes a great number of vehicles with their respective names, so kids can relate the image to the words. Each vehicle also includes an audio system to play the exact pronunciation of each word. Once your kids know the vehicles, they can quiz themselves with two different games: which vehicle is it? and spell the vehicle’s name. In the first game you have to choose one of four options that corresponds to the image being shown. In the second you have to write the vehicle’s name with the available letters.

When the game ends, you receive a final score. Thanks to this game, you can help your kids beat records while they have fun recognizing each vehicle and building their vocabulary.



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