Green Farm 3




Green Farm 3 is a casual game developed by Gameloft. In it, you take control of a farm and everything that that entails: building barns, planting various types of crops, raising livestock, and so on.

The gameplay in Green Farm 3 is very similar to Farmville, from which it borrows many concepts. The basic idea is the same: get money from your animals and crops so you can expand your farm, so you can have more animals and crops, so you can make more money, and so on.

There’s plenty of variety in Green Farm 3. In terms of animals, for example, there are horses, bulls, goats, different cows, and pigs. The crops include tomatoes, wheat, carrots, strawberries, lemons, and so on.

Green Farm 3 is a pretty entertaining casual game which is neither original nor that great. It’s a good game but doesn’t offer anything that you haven’t already seen a hundred times.


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