Angry Birds Stella




Angry Birds Stella is the tenth installment from the most downloaded video game franchise in history, and for the first time it includes a female protagonist, Stella.

As usual in the Angry Birds series, Stella will not be alone in this new adventure. Keeping her company are her friends Dahlia, Poppy, Willow and Luca, who, with their special powers, will help her beat the game. In fact, Stella herself—unlike the original red Angry Bird—has a very useful power that will let you directly attack objects in full flight.

New characters and abilities aside, the gameplay in Angry Birds Stella is practically identical to those of the rest of the saga. The objective of each of the 120 levels will always be the same: take down all the green pigs and get as many points as you can in the process.

The Angry Birds series has always had good graphics, but in the case of Angry Birds Stella, everything is especially excellent. From the settings to the small breakable objects, everything is lovely and drawn with meticulous care.

Angry Birds Stella is, like all the other titles from Rovio, a very high-quality, polished game. While it’s true that it does little to innovate on the format of the Angry Birds franchise, if something ain’t broke (and Angry Birds isn’t), no need to fix it.


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