Age of War 2




Age of War 2 is a 2D strategy game where you wage war against your rivals throughout history. You start in prehistoric times, leading cavemen and dinosaurs, then continue with Greek phalanges, and might even end up with soldiers armed with laser guns.

The game system in Age of War 2 is simple: every time you defeat an enemy, you earn money and experience. With the money, you can buy new troops and defensive elements for your base – all necessary for survival. Plus you can use the money to get all sorts of improvements.

Each time you advance to a different time period you can create several units with different attacks – melee, long-distance, and cavalry units (or armored ones later on). In addition to these troops and your defensive towers, you’ll have the invaluable help of special attacks that you can unleash at any time, which can demolish almost all your enemies in one fell swoop.

Age of War 2 reuses the formula of the first installment in the saga successfully. It basically offers an improved version of a great game, which is impressive considering the original game was both fun and addictive.


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